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Placa SPLITBOARD Rossignol XV Magtek 2016 167

Disponibilitate: În stoc


(Aceasta placa a fost folosita intr-un centru de test din Austria, are mici defecte estetice, zgarieturi superficiale,insa nimic care sa afecteze performantele, pozele sunt reale si placa este in stare perfecta de functionare!)


  • Terrain:Freeride, Powder, SplitboardingMore 

  • Ability Level:Advanced-ExpertMore 

  • Rocker Type:Rocker/Camber/RockerMore 

  • Shape:Directional

  • Flex Rating:Very StiffMore 

  • Edge Tech:Magne-Traction

Preț: 4.600,00 RON

Preț Special: 3.090,00 RON

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The split version of the XV Magtek, the Rossignol XV Magtek Splitboard might be split in half, but that doesn't mean the gnarliness level has come down at all. Indigenous mountain tribes in the deepest valleys have built pow-henges to worship the insan-o gnar shredding abilities of this board. Designed to get you down the gnarliest, steepest, fastest lines, the Splitboard version means you can climb vert like the infamous ghost yetis of lore. Yeah, those lines in the sidecountry or the way-backcountry are now totally in reach. The Reverse Super Directional flex pattern is just like a classic El-Camino. It puts the business up front, and the party in the back, and lets you mash the gas as you ride off into the sunset. The XV Magtek Split brings the big guns to the BC, so you can come out swinging like Tyson, and take on the most fierce lines wherever they lurk.



AmpTek All Mountain [60% Rocker / 40% Camber] – More control, more stability, more edge pressure, smoother landings, nimble in powder and funky snow, and more stoke. AmpTek is good for you.


Flex Rating: 10 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) – Stiff flex for precision, control, and stability for ripping the lines that turn the ponies to horses.

Reverse Super Directional – Stomp the gas. Extremely stiff under the front foot for confident control and maximum power, stiff waist for stability at high speed, medium stiff under the read foot for smoother turns and nimble maneuverability.


Roller Tip – Roller technology mills out the core of the board, raising the edges 1mm of the snow just past the contact points for reduced swing weight, better float, and improved high-speed stability. Keep on rollin'.


THC2 CBF2 – Triple hybrid core (THC) infused with CBF2: 2 types of wood laminated with 3 microcell beams, combined with 2 strips of basalt, delivering lower weight, improved balance, control, and edge grip.

Dual Torsion Box – Three-part core construction that features two outer parts wrapped in a glass fiber sock, two strips of basalt and aramid, then another full layer of glass fiber wrapped around the entire core for unmatched stability at high speed, infinite durability, incredible grip, and the smoothest edge-to-edge transitions.


Aramid – Also known as Kevlar®, acts as a vibration dampener that softens rough landings. Durable, strong and extremely lightweight, Kevlar® is often used in ballistic body armor.

Basalt – Stronger and lighter in weight than fiberglass with more elasticity than carbon. Basalt enhances board feel, power and stability while absorbing impacts and vibrations.

CBF2 – Single strip of basalt fiber that runs along both edges, delivering smoother edge-to-edge transitions with superior grip, excellent stability, and increased pop.

Glass Fiber – Has greater elongation before breaking than carbon and comes in multiple weights and weavings. Rossignol plays matchmaker, matching each board with the right glass fiber for customized flex and torsional resistance.

Microcell – PU material integrated into wood cores to reduce weight and deliver increased snap, pop, and liveliness.


ABS Sidewalls – Offered as walls or built in cores, ABS provides enhanced durability while keeping the core safe from moisture


7500 Sintered

Die-Cut Base – Base color displayed may not be available. Base colors may vary.


Magtek – Magne-Traction edges smash-banged with AmpTek rocker. You get better edge hold, more control, and greater performance anywhere.

Magne-Traction 7M – Snowboarding's premium edge hold puts the fun between your legs by maximizing edge grip between the feet and bringing the 'dead-zone' back to life for increased control and stability in the gnarliest conditions. 7M Magne-Traction has 7 deep bumps distributed along the edges for superior edge hold.


  • Terrain:Freeride, Powder, SplitboardingMore 
  • Ability Level:Advanced-ExpertMore 
  • Rocker Type:Rocker/Camber/RockerMore 
  • Shape:Directional
  • Flex Rating:Very StiffMore 
  • Edge Tech:Magne-Traction

Specificațiile Produsului

Lungime 167
Tip placa Freeride
Profil Hybrid FK
Latime Normala
Rigiditate 7-10
Tip produs Produse test

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