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Legaturi Snowboard Rental S

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(acesti legaturi au fost folosite intr-un centru de rental din Austria, pozele sunt reale si sunt in stare perfecta de functionare!)

Un model mai vechi de legaturi, insa perfecte pentru un incepator cu un buget redus!

Preț: 500,00 RON

Preț Special: 250,00 RON

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Ideal for the junior rider, the Elan Radon Snowboard Bindings come equipped with the best features for maximum comfort and support all day long. Anatomically shaped straps, and padding will provide the first step to a secure and custom fit for the greatest comfort as well as security. As the feet grow you can adjust the bindings, tool-free, to ensure that the bindings remain comfortable with easy in and out access from one season to the next. The CBS base plate is strong, is constructed of a single solid piece of fiberglass for reinforcement, flexing, stiffness and superior responsiveness for minimal possibility of structural failure. Shock absorption and soft landings are provided by the toe and heel EVA padding so those unsmooth surfaces and jumps won't wreak havoc on feet and ankles. The Elliptical straps deliver the ultimate in freestyle performance to ensure a fit that remains custom for him each time that you take to the powder. Elan represents the best in wintertime sport accessories and this pair of Radon Bindings live up to their high expectations with plenty of stability, comfort and versatility all wrapped up into this ultimate junior specific binding.

Skill Range: Beginner-Intermediate

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Marime Nu
Disc Clasic
Tip legatura Clasica
Tip produs Produse inchiriate

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