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Legaturi Snowboard Burton Lexa 2017 M 2

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  • Ability Level:Advanced-ExpertMore 

  • Flex Rating:StiffMore 

  • Binding Style:Strap

  • Binding Mount Pattern:2x4, 4x4, Burton 3D, Channel

  • Snowboard Awards:Transworld Snowboarding Tested & Approved

  • Warranty:1 Yeara

Preț: 1.260,00 RON

Preț Special: 945,00 RON

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The Burton Lexa Snowboard Bindings feature top-of-the-line Re:Flex AutoCANT FullBED cushioning that uses dual-density EVA to get your foot into a natural stance, leading to improved comfort, reduced fatigue, and more direct board control all thanks to the baseplate. This plus B3 Gel -- the very cushioning Burtonuses in its high-end boots for tweaked-out vibration dampening -- make the Burton Lexa Snowboard Bindings a team favorite. Whether you're a seasoned devotee or new to the Burton brand, they're almost certain to become yours, too!



Flex Rating: 8 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) – This stiff flex is ideal for freeriders and all-mountain chargers for supreme response and connectivity.


Single Component 30% Short-Glass / Nylon Composite – Slightly more responsive than the Park Blend, yet still plenty playful.

Re:Flex AutoCANT FullBED Cushioning System – Dual-density EVA automatically settles your boot into a natural position regardless of stance width or angles for improved comfort, reduced fatigue, and more direct board control.

B3 Gel – The same cushioning found in Burton's high-end boots for ultimate dampening that's formulated to withstand repeated impacts without breaking down or hardening up in cold temps.

Under-Baseplate Dampening – Eats up vibrations and impacts in a design that expands cushioning while reducing the footprint of the binding on the board for increased flex and feel.


Single Component Construction – The simplicity of a one-piece hi-back means immediate response. Using Burton's book of material secrets, they can manipulate the overall flex profile -- from buttery to responsive.

Canted Living Hinge™ Hi-Back – This exclusive technology eliminates hardware and weight, and allows you to adjust your Forward Lean and hi-back rotation independently.

Heel Hammock – This reinforced rubbery material wraps response around the heel of any boot. Run your straps a little looser and still get lightning fast response out of turns with your heel cradled in complete suspension.

Zero Forward Lean – Riders who prefer a more playful relaxed feel will love Burton's Zero Forward Lean hi-back design element. You can still crank them forward for the pipe or gnarly carving.

DialFLAD™ – The higher the Forward Lean angle on your hi-backs, the quicker your heel-edge turns. Crank ’em forward for icy hits in the pipe, or back ’em off for jibbing.


Asym Hammockstrap™ – Featuring the same minimal and seamlessly comfortable design as the Hammockstrap, this asymmetrical pad and spine shape wraps the boot in response. Flip the straps for increased freedom, or run stock for power and support.

Flex Slider – Makes strapping in a breeze with a strategically stretched hinging zone that allows the heel strap to flex and fall fully open. Thanks to the science of forced molecular alignment, the Flex Slider is also stronger, making it worthy of Burton's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Supergrip Capstrap™ – This minimalist design merges two materials into one technologically advanced toe strap. A firmer material in the spine provides a supportive and lightweight skeleton, while a softer over-molded material improves boot wrap and comfort.


Double Take Buckles w/ Insta-Click – Be the first to drop in with the rapid ratcheting of Burton's Double Take Buckles. Helical teeth and "Insta-Click" engagement combine for increased torque per crank, faster uptake, and fewer cranks to tightness. The result: vastly improved strength, speed, and ease-of-use.


Women's Specific True Fit™ – Enjoy a more harmonious connection with Burton’s True Fit™ women’s boards, boots, and bindings. True Fit means that every element of your setup—from boot liners to lace guides, baseplate to strap designs, board shapes to flex profiles— are designed and engineered for the way women ride. Because when it fits right, it rides better.

Re-Ground Materials to Reduce Waste

Compatible with All Major Mounting Systems


  • Ability Level:Advanced-ExpertMore 
  • Flex Rating:StiffMore 
  • Binding Style:Strap
  • Binding Mount Pattern:2x4, 4x4, Burton 3D, Channel
  • Snowboard Awards:Transworld Snowboarding Tested & Approved
  • Warranty:1 Year

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Disc Burton Re:Flex
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