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Legaturi Snowboard SP Core 2017/2018 Green/Black M(40-43)

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Core black/red 2016/17 #SPB1627821

The Core 16/17 snowboard binding is the nucleus of SP's lineup . Do you want to hit the slopes at full tilt while doing a bit of everything? Equipped with all of SP's tech in perfect equilibrium, you can't go wrong with this binding. A light aluminum base and medium flex make for a perfect all-rounder to get going with.


  • sLab base

  • Ergo highback

  • FS2 ankle strap

  • Light toe strap

  • Evo buckle

  • E.V.A. footbed

€ 219,90 (incl. Tax plus Shipping)

Preț: 999,00 RON

Preț Special: 699,00 RON

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1. open up the highback lever

2. while pulling down the highback

3. ...the auto.RS system lifts your ankle strap

4. step in the opened binding

5. lift up the highback, close the lever

6. and tense your strap by using the auto.RS lever


Core | Private

Lightweight fibre compound material. Tooless fwd.lean. Rotateable.



Our mid-end freestyle strap is the favourite of all the SP railkillers out there. No need to think of losing control when hitting the park ever again!


Core | Private | Junior | FT270 | Kiddo

The indestructable one! Although looking quite simple, you won't find any other toe strap that is as durable and lightweight as this one.


Core | Private | FT SPlit | SLR SPlit

Molded E.V.A. foam pad for simple but highly effective all over padding.


sLAB.one | Mountain | Brotherhood | Core

Made with lightweight aeronautic aluminum, which provides maximum power transmission at a minimum of weight.

Unlock by lifting up the lever

Thighten accordingly by using the ratchet ...

... or lift the small lever to loosen your strap

Lock the evo buckle by pressing down

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Marime M
Disc Clasic
Tip legatura Flow
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